Ohh lalala-Leather

Leather is known for its strong characteristic and that is why it is being used in making shoes, bags and a lot of accessories. It is also very versatile!

Here are some accessories made from leather!





It’s amazing how this common fabric/material could be used in making a lot of accessories! I believe there are more things that we could make out of leather.


It’s Wire Wrapping Time Part 2

In this video is some techniques in doing wire wrapped accessories.

Duffel Bags

Duffel bags are known for being handy and of course versatile. It is used for carrying stuff around and it known for being strong which makes it very useful.




What’s interesting there are present innovations of these bags; duffel bags with wheels. Most of this kind of duffel bags are used as a luggage bag for travelers.




And of course, there are existing mini versions of this bag 🙂



Head Accessory made from trash materials

As part of our class activity we were asked to list down 10 words, little do we know that these words will be used to create an accessory.

The words we listed are the ff: chew, engage, libel, obviate, prolong, solidify, punch, engrave, idolize and ignite.

These words are really hard to implement on the things we got from our bag but it was sure a lot fun! 🙂

Hats up!

Hats has been my favorite head accessory! And I’m pretty excited on exploring local materials to create and make hats. I also wanted to make sure that these hats are indeed compatible and wearable here in our country. For now, I’m looking at possible pegs and designs that I can use 🙂











I have an idea of playing with texture and color. Using abaca and sinamay would help me achieve that. Hopefully, I would be able to achieve my goal of having my own millinery 😀

Arm Warmers, the new fab!

Arm warmers may not be that useful for us Filipinos but I believe that this piece of accessory can be versatile in its form. 🙂

Here are some Gothic inspired arm warmers.






Donna-Karan-Collection-Cashmere-Dress-Leggings-Arm-Warmers-4 LW2893 SN0111



I am planning on combining the aesthetic of the Gothic style arm warmers with the common knitted ones. I wanted to mix and contrast these two styles.


Throwback Tuesday

Looking back, I remembered how girly I was during my childhood years. I had a huge collection of hair accessories! Every time we go to the Mall for a Sunday shopping, we never fail to pass by the accessories’ section. It is a place of heaven for me!! Clips with butterfly and ribbons, pins with fancy design. Ahhh! A true satisfaction.

As part of our CT 124 Accessories Class, the accessory that I created that brings me back to my childhood is the hair clips. I made one for this activity!

For my inspiration, I just looked back and remember the important details and materials needed to create a hair accessory.

Here’s my materials:


I used ready-made fluffy designs available in VC Trading at Farmer’s Market, Cubao. The price range is 3php-5php per piece.

Next, I bought a yard of pink and white thin ribbons.

And lastly, I bought a plain black hair clips at a local shop at SM North.

I used a glue to stick the materials together.

And. Voila! The END PRODUCT:


A story of my life 🙂


Pecha Kucha

As one of our activities in our Accessories Class, we had our very own Pecha Kucha. For our pecha kucha presentation, we have to think of 20 creative ideas in making new accessories. It was a bit of a challenge for all of us, but we were able to go beyond our comfort zones and we were able to explore new ideas.

My group mates were Avi and Paloma, what we did to be able to think of new ideas is that we did brainstorming. We thought of possible things that we can add on existing accessories, we tried to develop our add essential parts to it. In order for us to work efficiently too, we isolated ourselves from people and the internet.

Here are the Examples of our ideas 🙂


A bracelet equipped with Swiss knife




A stick-on clutch bag. Women party-goers have an issue of carrying clutch bag around, that’s why we thought of an idea of having the hand bag be stick on to your garment for all night partying and dancing.






Citronella stockings, being attacked by mosquitoes is always a problem that is why we had an idea of mixing the citronella leaf fiber into nylon to create a stockings



Pump’s Case, if you have a problem of spending too much when collecting different colors of a certain pumps might as well get this pump’s case.



Got problem on a rainy day? Have this pull up boots to save your jeans.

In order to achieve more things, we tried to focus on the needs of different markets like commuters, children, party-goers, and women of all ages, we take into considerations the issues that these people encounter and we tried to solve it using our ideas.

We managed to think of 20+ ideas and cancelled out the ones we deemed unnecessary and the ones that already have been invented. After narrowing our ideas to 20, we drew most of them. For the others, we just got from the internet and edited them on Adobe Photoshop.