Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelet is an accessory worn on the wrist, it is contains some pieces of pendants in its bracelet which is called the charms. It is said to mean something for some other people. It could contain important pendants. But it does not necessary gives you good charm 🙂 hihi Go on check out what I looked up!

And some classic charm bracelets 🙂

It is just fancy and lovely!


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Knitting is a technique usually done to create a fabric or any product. It is done with the use of yarns and a large needle. Knitting is challenging technique but is really fun to do 🙂 Check out what I find out with this technique!

Amazing that knitted fabric are used in making shoes!! Look!

Amazing right? Here’s more…

Sooo cute!


And this one is so cool! 🙂

And now for bags,

Nautical fashion tote bag Blue white stripes Lace knit Handmade handbag Beach purse shopper Gift for mom sister Summer accessories

Nice right!

Now, for hats 🙂

Is it just amazing to see several products out of this technique? I know we can still create more interesting and creative product!

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Workshop 5: Printing

One of the most exciting workshop we had! 🙂 We did a silk screen printing and the stamp printing. The lecture was quick but very comprehensive. And so we proceeded with the workshop! It was really exciting because we have to use a local vegetable gabi, carrots and apples to use as our mold for the stamp.

For the workshop, since we are given the chance to choose on what technique we can I use I picked the stamp printing. Since it is more challenging and of course truly new to me. So I grabbed, a piece of carrot and a huge chunk of the gabi. It was a bit difficult to think of an easy design that can be molded into the vegetables. So, it needs a little thinking and analyzing before you can really start doing the mold. What I did with the carrot piece is I designed a flower mold. For the gabi, I tried several designs and I failed it. When I finally had the idea, I molded the letter S on it turns out it was wrong since it should look the other direction, I actually shaped the perfect S shape. So I had a little revision there and a wasted gabi. Here’s the picture of the stamps I made.Image

Well, I think that is one thing that’s a bit concerning about this using vegetables. Maybe soon when you want to make molds you can explore more materials to use like bar soap or clay 🙂

But all in all I had a really great time. Here’s my finished product!



One of the most girly material used in most accessories is flowers. It is very common and of course very colorful and great to experiment with. This material has been developed from real flowers into a commercially produced fake flowers that comes in great variety. It is attached to any accessories. Check this out!

Flowers on Bags

Others are achieved by draping a fabric and shaping it into flowers. Here’s the examples

Blossom Handbag

Flowers most common used is for hats. Here’s some pictures.

Even in shoes!

Flowers shoes by Scherer Gonsales spring 2009

Cool isn’t? Just simple amazing.


It is amazing how necklaces have evolve for years. And how designers keep on releasing new and creative designs that eventually hit the fashion market. Necklace as a neck piece is one of the most used and I guess most bought accessory. Well, I believe that is because of its great variety! Go on check out what I have looked up 🙂

Let me show first some interesting old necklaces.

Bismarck Sapphire Necklace

Queen’s Necklace

Dagmar’s Necklace

And now, the modern age. Necklaces were made using so many different materials. It is really amazing!

Check this out 🙂



I believe there are still more things to explore if you want to design necklaces. Just look around you 🙂


This technique is different from what we know the wooden carving. This is more like shaping and cutting pieces from the accessories to create a certain pattern or design. I guess this will be much clearer if you look at the pegs.





Leather Bags 3 216x300 Merchandise  
Cool right, carving on fabrics!


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Workshop 4: Resist Dyeing

One of my favorite workshop! It was fun, interesting and really really amazing! The workshop reporters for the day are Jamie and Eden, and we were asked to wear Willy Wonka candies. Sadly, I did not dressed up properly. But anyway, the workshop was really full of interesting things! First, the dyes we used can be found in your own kitchen! It was really unbelievable at the start but when you see the end product, it really works!

Take a look at my awesome stockings! From fresh white into galaxy-ish prints!


The process was kind of simple, all you need are some ribbons and rubber bands to manipulate the fabric. But if you don’t want to waste such materials you can actually just use your skills at knotting which I did for this workshop!

However, my stockings did not end well. I was planning on using green and blue as my color scheme but apparently the last solution I used lacks salt and vinegar and it failed. Well, that was the mistake. So if you will try this at home better be prepared with enough materials to achieve your design.

All in all, I LOVED MY STOCKINGS! It is not what I hoped for but I loved it.