Workshop 1: Fabric Construction

It’s WORKSHOP TIME for our accessories subject. For our first workshop activity, the topic is all about fabric construction. The class started with a little activity that involves fork and yarns.


What we actually did with these materials is…


Our very own POM-POM 🙂 It was a bit tricky technique because if you wanted to achieve a very fluffy pom-pom you will need to roll the yarn all over the fork many times but it will be very difficult to cut and execute properly. Avi and I failed on our first trial but I made a smaller version which is above. Luckily, we were able to do it! 🙂

But the workshop is not just all about that. The real deal is making a Panchang, it is a Chinese Accessory. It was a challenging knotting technique that requires patience and also a great understanding on following steps.

Here’s what our Panchang looks like while we were making it.


Avi and I worked as a team to really make it work. For this activity we used two different colors of yarns/ribbons. It was a bit hard. But I believe you can do it if you will follow the steps properly and you practice doing it over again. We also made a dragonfly, sadly I was not able to take picture of it. But it was way easy and even cute!

I will post a sample photo of what it looks like. Here, (I don’t own the photo, I just looked it up online)

That what a dragonfly knot looks like. It looks pretty right? 🙂

The whole experience of knotting was fun and enjoyable, it was useful indeed in making more varieties of accessories. So if you want to make more techniques try looking it up online and be amazed!


WORKSHOP 1. HAPPY SMILES with our PANCHANG (I’m holding it) and POM POM (Avi’s wearing it) 🙂


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