A Trip to Yuchengco: ArtWearable Exhibit

The travel time to Yuchengco museum is much longer than the time I had inside the exhibit. It was a rainy Saturday afternoon I was a little not indulged to go because of the bad weather. However, I finally decided to go instead.

I was already on my way to MRT when the heavy rain fall, I was really worried but I know there is no coming back. And when I got to MRT Ayala, I had to make my way into the streets of Makati to get to Yuchengco. The little walk was fun because I get to experience walking in Makati. J

When I got to RCBC plaza, I was already drenched in rain water but I still went on and saw the CT group already done looking at the exhibit. I went up immediately to the third floor of the museum, and take a look at the ArtWearable Collection. The feel inside the room was really amazing! The collections were spectacular. Everything seems to fall into its place. I find it really wonderful how these artists were able to incorporate arts into fashion. Well, technically fashion is some sort of arts in its own ways.  The exhibit was full of inspiration and breathtaking art pieces. I am not an art lover but somehow I did appreciate and love the whole exhibit.

Here are some images of the exhibits.


Shawl by Leeroy New.


One of my favorites. From Steampunk Collection of Michelline Syjuco.


Another image from the Steampunk Collection.


Because of that museum trip, I realized how art could be of great inspiration for Fashion. I learned how I could take a look at the things around me and use it as an inspiration in making creative and new accessories.  Through the exhibit I find out that we can still explore so many materials and other techniques in developing accessories. It was surely a worth it trip that I will definitely use as an inspiration to continue to create incredible designs.



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