Workshop 4: Resist Dyeing

One of my favorite workshop! It was fun, interesting and really really amazing! The workshop reporters for the day are Jamie and Eden, and we were asked to wear Willy Wonka candies. Sadly, I did not dressed up properly. But anyway, the workshop was really full of interesting things! First, the dyes we used can be found in your own kitchen! It was really unbelievable at the start but when you see the end product, it really works!

Take a look at my awesome stockings! From fresh white into galaxy-ish prints!


The process was kind of simple, all you need are some ribbons and rubber bands to manipulate the fabric. But if you don’t want to waste such materials you can actually just use your skills at knotting which I did for this workshop!

However, my stockings did not end well. I was planning on using green and blue as my color scheme but apparently the last solution I used lacks salt and vinegar and it failed. Well, that was the mistake. So if you will try this at home better be prepared with enough materials to achieve your design.

All in all, I LOVED MY STOCKINGS! It is not what I hoped for but I loved it.



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