Workshop 5: Printing

One of the most exciting workshop we had! 🙂 We did a silk screen printing and the stamp printing. The lecture was quick but very comprehensive. And so we proceeded with the workshop! It was really exciting because we have to use a local vegetable gabi, carrots and apples to use as our mold for the stamp.

For the workshop, since we are given the chance to choose on what technique we can I use I picked the stamp printing. Since it is more challenging and of course truly new to me. So I grabbed, a piece of carrot and a huge chunk of the gabi. It was a bit difficult to think of an easy design that can be molded into the vegetables. So, it needs a little thinking and analyzing before you can really start doing the mold. What I did with the carrot piece is I designed a flower mold. For the gabi, I tried several designs and I failed it. When I finally had the idea, I molded the letter S on it turns out it was wrong since it should look the other direction, I actually shaped the perfect S shape. So I had a little revision there and a wasted gabi. Here’s the picture of the stamps I made.Image

Well, I think that is one thing that’s a bit concerning about this using vegetables. Maybe soon when you want to make molds you can explore more materials to use like bar soap or clay 🙂

But all in all I had a really great time. Here’s my finished product!




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