Workshop 6: Embroidery

This is the official invitation that we got for Buena and Boo’s workshop! It was one challenging workshop! The test of our knowledge in basic hand stitching was put to test. Anyway, the lecture passed by really quick and we then proceeded with the demonstrations πŸ˜‰ They taught us several stitches like lazy daisy, cross stitch, loop stitches and more.

We were asked to create a brooch for this workshop and were given a felt fabric as our base material. It was kind of challenging because it was our first time to use that type of fabric! I planned on using only a few colors for the fabric and the thread to make it look harmonious πŸ™‚ The stitching part was not really difficult you just need to really observe and listen on the steps that you need to follow to make the brooch! And I am proud to present my very own brooch πŸ™‚


It is not as perfect as I planned it but I do love it πŸ™‚

And here’s my creative shot wearing this awesome brooch!


We have to make the funniest pose we could ever think and they all told me to pose like the one that I made in my Talent’s Portion in Mr. & Ms. CHE. IT WAS FUN!


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