Workshop 7: Clay Works

For this workshop, we are dressed as tourists πŸ™‚ I chose to dress up as typical girl going on a little tour with my scarf and shades on! Anyway, the group were pretty creative with the lecture part making it more like a museum tour which is really fun plus there’s free snacks! πŸ™‚ Yes that’s the best part! Anyway, clay works is one just amazing workshop to do! We get to design and play at the same time with our polymer clays.

For this workshop, we did not use regular clays that kids use for playing, we used a polymer clay. This type of clay can be bought from specialty stores.

The raw clay should like this, it is quite similar with the regular ones but you must buy the legit polymer clay to achieve what you want to achieve πŸ™‚

The whole workshop was totally enjoying! We just molded and created designs out of clays. It was fun! And I am quite proud of my end product! Here,


I made a pendant for a necklace! Since I am kind of nature lover, I chose to design and mold a flower from the clay. It was pretty easy!

And also, I made a second one. But something bad happened to it… Image

Sadly, it broke when i put it inside the bag. Well that’s the challenge when using polymer clay, you have to make sure that the clay is not to hard and brittle so that your product will last long. It was sad losing one accessory but I at least I enjoyed the workshop! πŸ™‚ It was fun!!

Btw, here’s more pictures of what you can do with your polymer clay!


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