Workshop 8: Wire Works

Today is the day we dress up as our favorite celebrity! Who would have thought I would be that problematic for this dress up day! My goodness! I was so sure to dress up as Kate Middleton, I mean the Duchess of Cambridge Catherine when Thea/Avi tweeted and texted me, that we will be ONE DIRECTION! HAHAHA 

Yes, the girl version of 1D! 😀 Just awesome. Now change outfit. Anyway, the workshop is all about wire works! Pretty hard for girls like us, wires are typically for men if you will use it for hardware and stuff but it could also be used in accessory making. It is one of the vital materials needed in completing an accessory.

It was pretty complicated technique and very challenging. In doing this, you must have complete set of tools like pliers and also a pair of working gloves to prevent your hands to be hurt. A lesson learned from me since I did not bring any protective gloves.

The lecture was quick and brief but very helpful to give us background. The workshop part was pretty difficult, the twisting and shaping of the wire was a huge challenge but were kinda good for beginners! 😀 So, here’s my product!


Since, we were asked to shape wire with letters at least 3 letters, I chose ZAYN! My love 🙂



And here we are doing our song number (?) HAHAHA


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