Workshop 9: Jewelry Workshop

The easiest outfit we wore for workshop! Yey! Dress up with your simplest outfit. I went with my shirt and shorts on 🙂 HAHAHA


The regular and simple me!

Anyway, the lecture was pretty long but it was truly informative from history up to the details of each materials needed to make jewelry. It was comprehensive and very insightful. For the workshop, we had some little twist and challenge!

I find it really fun and amazing when we were placed in Divisoria like situation, we were given a budget of 100 chausse (the currency they used) plus variety of choices. The challenge is really enjoyable and also pretty unique! So off now with our workshop! Well, since there are only few minutes left for the workshop, we were not able to finish our works on time so we took it home. I used mostly pearl materials 🙂 However, in the process of making my necklace broke down and the typical problem pearls and beads go crazy. Anyway, I had to repeat the whole thing again.


The key here is you need to plan out your needed materials, you need to have an idea of what you will design so that when you work it is continuous. It is also helpful that you have a set of the materials arranged properly in an organizing container so that when you work you are efficient!

And now, here’s my final product!


Happy with it! ❤


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