Workshop 9: Jewelry Workshop

The easiest outfit we wore for workshop! Yey! Dress up with your simplest outfit. I went with my shirt and shorts on 🙂 HAHAHA


The regular and simple me!

Anyway, the lecture was pretty long but it was truly informative from history up to the details of each materials needed to make jewelry. It was comprehensive and very insightful. For the workshop, we had some little twist and challenge!

I find it really fun and amazing when we were placed in Divisoria like situation, we were given a budget of 100 chausse (the currency they used) plus variety of choices. The challenge is really enjoyable and also pretty unique! So off now with our workshop! Well, since there are only few minutes left for the workshop, we were not able to finish our works on time so we took it home. I used mostly pearl materials 🙂 However, in the process of making my necklace broke down and the typical problem pearls and beads go crazy. Anyway, I had to repeat the whole thing again.


The key here is you need to plan out your needed materials, you need to have an idea of what you will design so that when you work it is continuous. It is also helpful that you have a set of the materials arranged properly in an organizing container so that when you work you are efficient!

And now, here’s my final product!


Happy with it! ❤


Workshop 8: Wire Works

Today is the day we dress up as our favorite celebrity! Who would have thought I would be that problematic for this dress up day! My goodness! I was so sure to dress up as Kate Middleton, I mean the Duchess of Cambridge Catherine when Thea/Avi tweeted and texted me, that we will be ONE DIRECTION! HAHAHA 

Yes, the girl version of 1D! 😀 Just awesome. Now change outfit. Anyway, the workshop is all about wire works! Pretty hard for girls like us, wires are typically for men if you will use it for hardware and stuff but it could also be used in accessory making. It is one of the vital materials needed in completing an accessory.

It was pretty complicated technique and very challenging. In doing this, you must have complete set of tools like pliers and also a pair of working gloves to prevent your hands to be hurt. A lesson learned from me since I did not bring any protective gloves.

The lecture was quick and brief but very helpful to give us background. The workshop part was pretty difficult, the twisting and shaping of the wire was a huge challenge but were kinda good for beginners! 😀 So, here’s my product!


Since, we were asked to shape wire with letters at least 3 letters, I chose ZAYN! My love 🙂



And here we are doing our song number (?) HAHAHA

Workshop 7: Clay Works

For this workshop, we are dressed as tourists 🙂 I chose to dress up as typical girl going on a little tour with my scarf and shades on! Anyway, the group were pretty creative with the lecture part making it more like a museum tour which is really fun plus there’s free snacks! 🙂 Yes that’s the best part! Anyway, clay works is one just amazing workshop to do! We get to design and play at the same time with our polymer clays.

For this workshop, we did not use regular clays that kids use for playing, we used a polymer clay. This type of clay can be bought from specialty stores.

The raw clay should like this, it is quite similar with the regular ones but you must buy the legit polymer clay to achieve what you want to achieve 🙂

The whole workshop was totally enjoying! We just molded and created designs out of clays. It was fun! And I am quite proud of my end product! Here,


I made a pendant for a necklace! Since I am kind of nature lover, I chose to design and mold a flower from the clay. It was pretty easy!

And also, I made a second one. But something bad happened to it… Image

Sadly, it broke when i put it inside the bag. Well that’s the challenge when using polymer clay, you have to make sure that the clay is not to hard and brittle so that your product will last long. It was sad losing one accessory but I at least I enjoyed the workshop! 🙂 It was fun!!

Btw, here’s more pictures of what you can do with your polymer clay!

Workshop 6: Embroidery

This is the official invitation that we got for Buena and Boo’s workshop! It was one challenging workshop! The test of our knowledge in basic hand stitching was put to test. Anyway, the lecture passed by really quick and we then proceeded with the demonstrations 😉 They taught us several stitches like lazy daisy, cross stitch, loop stitches and more.

We were asked to create a brooch for this workshop and were given a felt fabric as our base material. It was kind of challenging because it was our first time to use that type of fabric! I planned on using only a few colors for the fabric and the thread to make it look harmonious 🙂 The stitching part was not really difficult you just need to really observe and listen on the steps that you need to follow to make the brooch! And I am proud to present my very own brooch 🙂


It is not as perfect as I planned it but I do love it 🙂

And here’s my creative shot wearing this awesome brooch!


We have to make the funniest pose we could ever think and they all told me to pose like the one that I made in my Talent’s Portion in Mr. & Ms. CHE. IT WAS FUN!

Workshop 5: Printing

One of the most exciting workshop we had! 🙂 We did a silk screen printing and the stamp printing. The lecture was quick but very comprehensive. And so we proceeded with the workshop! It was really exciting because we have to use a local vegetable gabi, carrots and apples to use as our mold for the stamp.

For the workshop, since we are given the chance to choose on what technique we can I use I picked the stamp printing. Since it is more challenging and of course truly new to me. So I grabbed, a piece of carrot and a huge chunk of the gabi. It was a bit difficult to think of an easy design that can be molded into the vegetables. So, it needs a little thinking and analyzing before you can really start doing the mold. What I did with the carrot piece is I designed a flower mold. For the gabi, I tried several designs and I failed it. When I finally had the idea, I molded the letter S on it turns out it was wrong since it should look the other direction, I actually shaped the perfect S shape. So I had a little revision there and a wasted gabi. Here’s the picture of the stamps I made.Image

Well, I think that is one thing that’s a bit concerning about this using vegetables. Maybe soon when you want to make molds you can explore more materials to use like bar soap or clay 🙂

But all in all I had a really great time. Here’s my finished product!



Workshop 4: Resist Dyeing

One of my favorite workshop! It was fun, interesting and really really amazing! The workshop reporters for the day are Jamie and Eden, and we were asked to wear Willy Wonka candies. Sadly, I did not dressed up properly. But anyway, the workshop was really full of interesting things! First, the dyes we used can be found in your own kitchen! It was really unbelievable at the start but when you see the end product, it really works!

Take a look at my awesome stockings! From fresh white into galaxy-ish prints!


The process was kind of simple, all you need are some ribbons and rubber bands to manipulate the fabric. But if you don’t want to waste such materials you can actually just use your skills at knotting which I did for this workshop!

However, my stockings did not end well. I was planning on using green and blue as my color scheme but apparently the last solution I used lacks salt and vinegar and it failed. Well, that was the mistake. So if you will try this at home better be prepared with enough materials to achieve your design.

All in all, I LOVED MY STOCKINGS! It is not what I hoped for but I loved it.


Workshop 3: Dyeing


Our topic is about Dyeing!! And we decided to use natural dyes for our workshop 🙂 Well dyeing is really an easy technique all you need are your dyes and your product. However, one must need to learn some techniques to make your dye work properly. 🙂 For example adding some salt to make the dye last on the fabric. We prepared various solutions for our workshop, we used atsuete seeds, bougainvillaea flowers, camote tops, guava leaves, and others 🙂

I hope the class learned a lot from our lecture&workshop because I did! 🙂 Though we can still explore more natural dyes and we can use it to future accessory making. 🙂 Here are some pictures taken during our workshop.




Our classmates really got crazy dyeing their canvas bag 🙂 They were very enthusiastic, and very creative; trying out different colors and even experimenting.

The product we made that day is an Ombre bag 🙂 Here’s some end product.


This one is almost done, just need a little drying that’s kendi and D. 🙂Image

This is Jolens holding out her canvas bag. 🙂

For this workshop our theme is hippie… And here we are! 🙂


credits to Danica Coruno and Thea Villaflores for the photos 🙂

Workshop 2: Fabric Manipulation

It is time for another workshop! During this workshop day, we talked about fabric manipulation. It was a bit tricky and pretty interesting technique. And we made pin cushion with a wrist band.


Voila! My end product! 🙂

The workshop was really fun! We just applied some basic hand stitches to make the band, the materials were given to us by the presenter. All you need: garter, a piece of fabric, thread and needle. Plus skill on hand stitching 🙂

It was pretty easy! But if you really look at our product, the cushion is done with origami style of folding. Well, an origami is a process of folding paper but this time we applied it on fabric! Here are some example of origami folding.

It is a little complicated technique but once you learn doing it, it will be a little easier :)So we did apply this folding technique on a fabric, we used just a simple one for this workshop so it was not really that difficult.


If you can see it clearly, there are folds visible on the top of the cushion 🙂 Inside that folds are some stuffing that we added to achieve the cushion. And there it is your very own pin cushion with the band 🙂

The fabric manipulation workshop was truly fun and interesting. The group was generous in giving out food for the people who worked really fast. It was also comprehensive since they taught the instructions step by step. 🙂 It was over all fun and really enjoyable! Plus something applicable to accessory making 🙂

Workshop 1: Fabric Construction

It’s WORKSHOP TIME for our accessories subject. For our first workshop activity, the topic is all about fabric construction. The class started with a little activity that involves fork and yarns.


What we actually did with these materials is…


Our very own POM-POM 🙂 It was a bit tricky technique because if you wanted to achieve a very fluffy pom-pom you will need to roll the yarn all over the fork many times but it will be very difficult to cut and execute properly. Avi and I failed on our first trial but I made a smaller version which is above. Luckily, we were able to do it! 🙂

But the workshop is not just all about that. The real deal is making a Panchang, it is a Chinese Accessory. It was a challenging knotting technique that requires patience and also a great understanding on following steps.

Here’s what our Panchang looks like while we were making it.


Avi and I worked as a team to really make it work. For this activity we used two different colors of yarns/ribbons. It was a bit hard. But I believe you can do it if you will follow the steps properly and you practice doing it over again. We also made a dragonfly, sadly I was not able to take picture of it. But it was way easy and even cute!

I will post a sample photo of what it looks like. Here, (I don’t own the photo, I just looked it up online)

That what a dragonfly knot looks like. It looks pretty right? 🙂

The whole experience of knotting was fun and enjoyable, it was useful indeed in making more varieties of accessories. So if you want to make more techniques try looking it up online and be amazed!


WORKSHOP 1. HAPPY SMILES with our PANCHANG (I’m holding it) and POM POM (Avi’s wearing it) 🙂